It's time to visit the Circus!

This next series is another classic very similar to the Kooky Zoo.  Many are 70's classics.  Let's get started.

circusal2.jpg (38718 bytes)

The first one we'll look at is probably one that most die-hard collectors enjoy the most.  He comes in many different colors.  Here's a few.

ponyall.jpg (89166 bytes)

You're probably thinking, yeah that's great, but how about a Variation already.  Fine.  I'm happy to oblige.

Here's one for you.

ponynose.jpg (43719 bytes)

The one on the right is called the wide nose Pony.  The one shown is on a 3.4 no country marked stem.  The one on the left is the normal nose.   Funny.  He's on the same stem.  That's not very exciting.

But that's not it!

ponyeye.jpg (26161 bytes)

Check out the eyes.  The older Ponies will have smaller eyes, or is that bigger eye cavities?  I'd guess smaller eyes.

What would the Circus be without Elephants?

elephant.jpg (53453 bytes)

This guy comes in so many different varieties, but unfortunately, my collection is weak in the elephant department.  I'll just have to type a bit more on this one.

Pointy Hat vs. Flat hat

elehats.jpg (20482 bytes)

This one has a pointy hat, but they also come with a flat hat.   And, believe it or not, they also come with hair.

There is, of course, a cool Variation.

elemold.jpg (41629 bytes)

I'm not sure if it holds true 100%, but the one on the right is a Yugoslavia Elephant.  See how the face looks a bit "smashed?"  It doesn't help matters that his eye is painted all goofy either.  Poor guy :)

Lil Lion

lilpin3.jpg (22889 bytes)

The stem on this guy is neat.  It will always be found on the non-shadow stem.  I say always, but never say always when it comes to Pez.   What I find strange is that the non-shadow look is usually found on older dispensers.  But, even the 3.9 stem Lil Lion will have the same look.  This is also very common with Pinocchio B.  Also interesting to note is that he can be found with a metal pin of plastic pin.  Shown above are a DBP (metal pin) and two 3.9s.   The face colors on the 3.9s are a bit different, which means he became a "keeper."


lilln3d.jpg (11902 bytes)

Here's a close-up of the Non-shadow, or Non 3D stem.

So simple, yet so "Oh-mazzing."

GIRAFFE2.jpg (17295 bytes)

This is Giraffe.  This is a classic dispenser.  And since there are no true head Variations, one must go to the stem.  Shown above are a 2.6 and a 3.4.  He looks like a deer to me.


gorilla.jpg (25953 bytes)

This scary dude is a Gorilla.  If you've see the Halloween dispenser One-Eyed Monster, you may have noticed they're similar.  It's the same mold except Gorilla has both eyes.  And look below his eye.  He's crying, and I don't know why. 

Happy Lion

lioncr.jpg (31436 bytes)

Actually, his name is Roar, or, Lion with Crown.  He does look happy, though.  This guy comes in a variety of colors.  The ones above only differ in their shade of green faces.  I really need to add a new color.

Mimic the Monkey

mimical2.jpg (57042 bytes)

And he's also known as Monkey with Baseball Cap.  This guy seems to be found most often on the 3.4 stem, and it's the one that has the dual IMC.   That would be the IMC that is two digits, and starts with a 4.  An exception is the one on the far left.  He's on a 3.9 Austria no spine stem.

Isn't he handsome?

mimred.jpg (30019 bytes)

Red is one of the harder to find Mimic colors, and is often confused with the orange.  The orange can sometimes be found with an orange/red look, hence the confusion.

Speaking of Non-shadow stems...

monksa2.jpg (23170 bytes)

This is Monkey Sailor.  He, too, will be commonly found on the Non-shadow stem.  Another way he can be found is with a small "J" on his hat.  If he has the "J", then he's called Donkey Kong.  The Donkey Kong was a cereal premium, from a cereal of the same name, and is much harder to find than Monkey Sailor. 

He came with an insert too!

monksal.jpg (88271 bytes)

And the insert is very similar to the one above.  Similar?   Yeah, the one above is a replica.  But done by a very talented and very nice collector.

Donkey Kong

monksaj.jpg (29363 bytes)

Here's a close-up of the "J."


Well, it's time to go backbt.jpg (2556 bytes)               Any  qbutton.jpg (3129 bytes) about the Circus?