Here come the...

palsall.jpg (40935 bytes)

How they all begin...

palhead.jpg (12651 bytes)

All Pez Pals start looking like this, a generic head.  This head will have holes where hats and beards and many other accessories can be added.  Add some parts and pieces and they are transformed into different characters.  Let's see how this works...

Head Holes

headhole.jpg (23489 bytes)

There are three different head hole designs on these characters.  The first, from left, has a hole in the nose, cheek, one under his hair above his ear (not visible) and one for his hinge pin.  The next one shown is the same except no hole in her nose (thank goodness) and the last and most recent issue has only a hole for the hinge pin.


cheek.jpg (22393 bytes)

Look for the Partial Cheek heads too (the one on the right is Hong Kong).

boygirl.jpg (37725 bytes)

They can be as simple as Boys and Girls shown above.


boywcap.jpg (16408 bytes)   topofhead.jpg (6565 bytes)

Add one more piece and they can change.  This is Boy with Cap.  The hole in the hair can accommodate pieces just like the head holes.

Here are some more...

engsail.jpg (28761 bytes)

Shown above are Engineers, one on a red stem (3.9 Austria), one on a blue stem (3.8 USA) and one on a translucent blue stem (3.9 Austria).  Also shown is Sailor.

firpolsher.jpg (25170 bytes)

Fireman (2.6 Austria and 3.9 Hong Kong), Sheriff and Policeman

drandnu.jpg (28712 bytes)

It's the lifesaving duo.  Doctor and Nurse.  Nurse is on a DBP (818) stem.

mahapirshk.jpg (41575 bytes)

Maharaja (2.6 Austria yellow, 2.6 Austria red, 3.4 Austria yellow), Pirate (3.4 no country marked green, DBP 818 no counrty marked blue) and Sheik.

Strange, you say?

pirais.jpg (16461 bytes)

This is a shot of the inner sleeve on the Pirate shown above.  It's the same color as the stem.  

And again I say strange...

einstein.jpg (13335 bytes)

Who might this be?  I call him Albert Einstein.  Was there really an Albert Pez?  No.  Kids were encouraged to interchange all the parts and pieces.  Like a disguise.  This was a Doctor Pez and somewhere along the way he lost his other pieces and gained a full head of hair.

mahaall.jpg (40112 bytes)

Here's an assortment that shows some of the different turban colors for the Maharaja.  And a cool grey stem guy.  The grey stem is a 3.8 USA.  Thank you, Jody!

mex.jpg (19783 bytes)

Here's Mexican Boy.  This is not a normal Mexican.  Most will have a very large mustache/goatee.  This one has what appears to be a normal Pez pal mustache.  But, it's different than those too.  Very strange.

And look at the new kids in town...

newpals.jpg (43780 bytes)

From left is Mariner, Shell, Alpine and Aral.

Give it a rest, Rob.